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Smartphones are the future digital wallets

June 24, 2012|By David Sarno, Los Angeles Times

Wouldn’t it be nice to forget your wallet — permanently?

That day is coming sooner than you think. In the walletless future there will be no credit cards to lose, no cash to carry and no concert tickets to leave at home. Already, with a few taps on the screen of your smartphone, you can order a meal at a restaurant, loan your friend 20 bucks or even unlock the door to your house (so you can lose the keys too).

Cloud storage: a pricing and feature guide for consumers | Ars Technica

cloud computing imageComparing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, and iCloud.

Here are some details on the most popular services, including Google Drive, to compare them.

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Google Glasses on Famous Faces and Celebrities


Ever since Google announced Project Glass, people have wondered what place the augmented reality glasses could have in everyday life. Some were excited about the possibilites of Project Glass — while others poked fun at their seemingly impractical nature.

We’ve decided to take to Photoshop and imagine what some familiar faces would look like wearing Google Glasses.  How do you think President Obama or Lady Gaga would use a pair of Google Glasses?

Passing out business cards is quickly becoming passé – Los Angeles Times

Passing out business cards is quickly becoming passé

Think again before printing that 2X3 business card.

  • Diego Berdakin, the founder of BeachMint Inc., doesnt see the point of business cards. "When I go into a meeting and there are five bankers across the table, they all hand me business cards and they all end up in a pile, in a shoe box somewhere."
Diego Berdakin, the founder of BeachMint Inc., doesnt see the point of business… (Gary Friedman, Los Angeles Times)
March 16, 2012|By Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times

Chalk up another looming casualty of the Internet age: business cards.

Ubiquitous as pinstripes, the 2-by-3.5-inch pieces of card stock have long been a staple in executive briefcases. Exchanging cards helps to break the ice and provides a quick reference for forgotten names.

But to many young and Web-savvy people who are accustomed to connecting digitally, the cards are irrelevant, wasteful — and just plain lame.

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New Apple iPad Comes out March 16, 2012

When are we going to see holographic displays on the iPad like it the upcoming iPhone5?
Roger Cheng

Apple pulls back the curtain on the eagerly awaited refresh of its blockbuster iPad 2 tablet. New features include a better display, a faster chip, and 4G LTE.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wraps up the event by touting the new iPad. “We have redefined once again the category Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad,” he said.

(Credit: Donald Bell/CNET)