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  • Create Mailing Labels
    1. Open Word 2010
    2. Insert your logo or clip art
    3. Resize it and Wrapt Text: tight
    4. Type your return address
    5. Line up the image so that it is proportionate to your text
    6. Select all by Ctrl + A
    7. Click on the “Mailings” tab
    8. Click on “Labels” and your text will show but no image
    9. Select the type of labels in “Options”
    10. Select “Full page of same label”
    11. Click on “New Document”
    12. Print out on label paper!  Voila!
    13. (Here’s a similar tutorial video: Set up labels to Print)
  • – View, edit and fill out PDF forms online.  Register for free and email your filled out form.  No need for Adobe Acrobat

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